Denise Roberts-Horsfall is a Yorkshire based wallpaper designer, creatively driven by nature and wildlife. As a free thinker she challenges to perceive the notion of 'beautiful things' and her devotion to detail cultivates this theory.


She embraces creativity as a cognitive activity, which has enabled her to develop a philosophy to produce art and design as a therapeutic release and establish herself as a master practitioner. The significance of her work is deriving satisfaction to approach ‘something different’ and the value of the dissonance of things. Quirky displacement, secrets and the power of nature, validates her passion for the environment.


The designer’s eclectic and colourful collection reflects her distaste towards corporate transparency.


Welcome to her world of embracing a contemporary flavour, a love of Victoriana and incorporating those halcyon days of childhood.

Prices on application - call Denise Roberts-Horsfall on 07707 064502 or send the contact form

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Apple Chancery

Bespoke wallpaper for well-dressed interiors